Big, Bad, and Bold

          It seemed to be a quick mark made in fashion when royal blue showed up; in all honesty – I thought the fad would fade out.  But in reality, it’s here to stay.  The hue has been clearly displayed in many runway shows, but now celebrities and people ’round the world are fully welcoming the […]

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Busy Being Chic

          I, although not being a workwoman, know the style and look of the average on-the-go lady.  Thinking about your former teacher or co-worker with the grey polyester suit is a common image, but even though a job could have you confined, those clothes won’t. Plenty of trendy and easy to wear styles have worked […]

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First of Many

Wow, so since this is my first post, I believe I should introduce myself and tell you what’s up.  I’m Veronica and I plan to be a journalist.  This blog is a gateway to see art and life through my eyes – and ultimately analyze the human condition.  My posts will consist of pictures, videos, […]

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