Busy Being Chic

          I, although not being a workwoman, know the style and look of the average on-the-go lady.  Thinking about your former teacher or co-worker with the grey polyester suit is a common image, but even though a job could have you confined, those clothes won’t.

Plenty of trendy and easy to wear styles have worked their way into the runways.  Pencil skirts, blazers, and pant suits have run rampant, which has forced me to ask the question – is looking business-like any less a party look than a cocktail dress?  No.  Not if done the right way.

The statement suit that is making waves in the industry.

With anything in life, you must add originality and fun to a look.  Above is a picture of a saturated yellow pantsuit by Viktor & Rolf that I fell in love with when I saw it in the Wall Street Journal.  When wearing something loud and expressive, like this, you can never go wrong with simple accessories and form fitted tailoring with wide legged pants.  Since this look is a bit over the top, with a more subtle or simple makeup look (go with dark browns or blacks depending on your eye color – or even retro thick liquid liner), you’d be ready to hit the town.

Runway ready traditional pencil skirts that anyone can pull off.

Same thing with pencil skirts.  If you look at the picture above, you can see a picture of the traditional pencil skirt that has popped up on many runways.  Length seems to be somewhat of a debatable subject nowadays.  If I go shorter will I be sexier or prettier?  Will a stand out more if I show more leg?  In reality, the choice is up to you and how you normally dress, but what has claimed the attention of trend setters is longer lengths and masculine with feminine influences.  You also don’t need to confine yourself to boring colors.  Take a risk and go with the royal blue or try the black skirt paired with a bright top.

As the year is progressing, we are finding more and more ways to think outside the box and dress with a verve unknown before; finding the simplest of creations and making them extraordinary.


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