A New Motto to Live By

The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning, you didn’t even think to ask.

~ Jeff Johnson, Explorer


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Confidence is Key!

     Let it be known that surrounding yourself with tons and tons of fashion magazines with models who have gorgeous bodies –  and amazing clothes on to accentuate that – can make someone insecure, but don’t forget about the absolute beauty in you.       Each and every person wishes they could change things about themselves […]

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Originally posted on pop.see.cul:
A poetic beauty, feminine silhouettes, hand drawn floral prints that look like as if they have wrapped themselves around you.. ‘Marguerite’s Menagerie’ is a natural progression and a great example of Hermione De Paula‘s key style. She definitely is one of the young talents to look at. She launched…


Miami’s Night of Fashion

**I can’t post the photos I took with the designers or the performers yet because a professional took them and he hasn’t posted them on his website yet.  I will post them when he does. :) Saturday night opened up with a fashionably (2 hour) late entrance. The Miami Moda & Music  Awards presented the groups of models, […]

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Color Me Curious

It is absolutely no secret that Essie is my favorite nail polish brand – actually it’s the only one I use.  So for just further background info – I’m used to french and kind of light colors.  I took a bit of a risk some time ago and dabbled in their color Wicked.  Once I […]

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Real Life Drama

        Movies are inspirational for many reasons.  One of the latest is for the costume fashion taken from all sorts of eras.  From the swanky jazz time to the prim and polished 50s, today’s fashion is either being moved into film or taken from it – with a modern twist.                                                         

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Gone Viral: Kony 2012

     Last night as I was roaming on tumblr, I came across a video that was labeled an “experiment”.  It is meant to raise awareness for the arrest of international criminal Joseph Kony.  I’m choosing to use about two minutes of my time to post something about it so that I can show my support […]

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