Color Me Curious

Essie's Downtown Brown.

It is absolutely no secret that Essie is my favorite nail polish brand – actually it’s the only one I use.  So for just further background info – I’m used to french and kind of light colors.  I took a bit of a risk some time ago and dabbled in their color Wicked.  Once I got bored with its winy tone, I opted for the newest addition: Downtown Brown.  Okay.  Now lets get something straight – I’m rarely caught with anything brown unless it has name brand letters plastered all over it so I was avoiding painting my nails with it until I found myself with an afternoon full of TV re-runs and nothing to do.  I was expecting a dull, flat coat but got quite the contrary – a gorgeous blend of maroon, brown, and a dark drop of wine.  I am again amazed by their collections.  Granted, every color looks different on different people depending on your skin tone and how many coats you put on.  But be daring and bold with color, I’ve only started learning but it is worth all the complements.  ;)


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