Confidence is Key!

Be You.

     Let it be known that surrounding yourself with tons and tons of fashion magazines with models who have gorgeous bodies –  and amazing clothes on to accentuate that – can make someone insecure, but don’t forget about the absolute beauty in you

     Each and every person wishes they could change things about themselves or the way they fit in certain clothes, but having the self-confidence to pull off an outfit is half the battle.  When you think you look good, others start to believe it too.  I remember being at a wedding and seeing a girl in this stunning dress and she was not at all the body shape you see in the glossy photos.  What actually made her look like she belonged in the pages, was that she walked with her shoulders rolled back and her chin up high – complete confidence in herself. 

     So trust the skin you’re in and find clothes that set off your best features!

xx Veronica


3 thoughts on “Confidence is Key!

  1. AMEN!

    My deepest secret is telling myself “You look gorgeous. If no one likes what you look, there will always be a person or two who think otherwise.”

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