I’ve Been Nominated for the Most Versatile Blogger Award!

I’ve recently started this blog as an outlet to talk about fashion, art, music and much much more.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have such great people reading what I write and vocalizing their opinions to me in response.  Thank you to all those who have visited my page, read my blog, and most importantly thank you to Honey Aubrey who nominated me for this.  Here is her wonderful page: http://honeyaubrey.com/

So now as common tradition, here are 15 blogs that I would like to Nominate:

1. Love212 – http://love212.wordpress.com/

2. La Berlisienne – http://laberlisienne.wordpress.com/

3. YourStyleJourney – http://yourstylejourney.com/

4. Murmure Paris – http://murmureparis.wordpress.com/

5. Beautilosophy – http://beautilosophy.com/

6. Into Mind – http://into-mind.com/

7. ThreadInducedEuphoria – http://threadinducedeuphoria.wordpress.com/

8.  Alyssa Lapid – http://alyssalapid.com/

9. Fashion Soundtrack – http://fashionsoundtrack.wordpress.com/

10. pop.see.cul – http://popseecul.com

11. thecornershop – http://everywhereissomewhere.wordpress.com/

12. astimegoesbuy – http://astimegoesbuy.wordpress.com/

13. Mahogany Chic – http://mzmahoganychic.com/

14. Fashion En Vie – http://fashionenvie.net/

15. J.J’s Dolly Rockers – http://jjsdollyrockers.wordpress.com/

Okay, also a part of the tradition, here are seven things about myself:

1. I love stripes.  I really, really do.

2. I play the electric guitar, classical guitar, and ukelele.  I have performed publicly a couple of times, showcasing my guitar and singing.  I adore practicing for hours and hours on end and playing till my fingers cramp up.

3. I memorized the entire broadway show of “Cats” when I was two years old. I love the theater so much.  I’ve been going to broadway shows ever since I was really young and I love every minute of it.

4. I discovered the genre of ‘Indie Pop’ music on Pandora and I am officially in love with Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club.

5. I am writing a book that I plan to publish one day.  When it is perfected. And finished ;)

6. I have always surrounded my life with traveling and a lot of travelers, so as I get older I plan to travel the world.  I have heard stories of all the amazing places my family and friends have visited and it makes me want to whip out my map.

7. I’m very faithful and religious. I also believe that everything happens for a reason.  I find that the decisions I’ve made and even the horrible experiences I’ve had to face, have made me who I am.


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