STYLE SOUNDOFF: Fashionably Packing

Okay so spring break is coming up and I’m taking a little trip of my own to New York.  I go there at least once a year so it is always nice to get my best clothes and jump on a flight.  I must reveal, though, for the first time ever packing was a struggle.

It might’ve been for one of two reasons: ONE, I never go in spring.  Ever.  I always go in either winter or summer, so the fact that it can be 70 degrees one week and 40 the next – scares me to bits.  The changing weather and unpredictability is one thing that effected my packing.  And…TWO, I – for some reason – couldn’t pull through what I normally do.  What I normally do is pick how many of each type of clothing (i.e. sweaters, pants, tops) and just pack the best ones, then I magically put together outfits when I’m there.  BUT, for the first time in a long time I had to actually pick out outfits that I adored one by one (about six total – excluding a wild card day which is reserved for the clothes I buy there ;) ).  It seemed like a stressful situation, but in the end it came out well – actually really well.  I’m really liking the grunge look I’m adding to this trip.  So anyway, yes – I did have a meltdown trying to figure out what to do because I always end up mixing and matching but I couldn’t quite do that this trip.

Bottom line is, packing is extremely important and your methods are your methods, but sometimes you are going to be thrown a trip very soon (ahem) and are going to have to deal with changing your ways to accommodate the things going on around you.  Yes it can be stressful, but figuring out seven days worth of gorgeous outfits gives you the confidence to take on the world.  So breath deeply and don’t forget to pack your favorite jeans.  :)

xx Veronica


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