Soho in a Day – Part I – Zoe

The cozy yet coldly trendy entry way of Zoe.

     When I ventured out into Soho after Easter Sunday, I was expecting it to be somewhat deserted – and it was; well in the area this was in.  But after news spread that this place was PACKED on Easter Sunday I let my doubt slide and awaited the trendiness of Zoe to settle in.  

     With its clean cut and chic decorum, Zoe is quaint and tranquil but oozing with downtown loveliness.  The stark white brick walls were refreshing along with the vibrant yellow green booths.  Not only was the design eye catching but (of course) of the food.  

The colorful and charismatic seating.

     I had the Salt and Pepper Shrimp which was a zesty take on prawns – absolutley delicious!  But beware that it is finger-food.  I’m afraid that I didn’t have that in mind when I ordered it and was surprised to see a plate of lively looking prawns.  But just peel back the surface and enjoy.  (Plus they offered a finger bowl which was delightful with a lemon slice).  What was also served at my table was a (fabulous tasting) burger and an out there dish of sea urchin that turned out to be better than I thought.  

Zoe's original and tasty menu.

     So the key to this experience is to order what you (think) you know and be pleasantly surprised by what you are served – in a good way.  The ambiance and food connect in a way that creates a pleasant dining atmosphere.  Three and a half stars! 


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