Soho in a Day – Part II – Shop Till You Drop

The store DIGS that had great and original finds.

As I ventured into Soho, the hipsters skated by and the graffiti took center stage – in other words, the art came alive.  Honestly, it was a little overwhelming with the amount of people so I had a game plan.  Make sure you have one of those.  Know the stores you want to hit up and be spontaneous around it.  I called people that I knew that shopped in the area and asked them where they shopped regularly.  The worst thing to do is to go in blind, so if you don’t have friends or family in New York that shop there, then doing a good amount of googling will help you along.

DIGS was my own discovery and I felt the pure pleasure of showing the pictures of my new clothes.  The original and eccentric tone of the store really made me interested when I walked by.  I picked up a bunch of tops that are really original and are statement makers.  If you’re looking for new pieces that you know people won’t have – this is the place to go.

A unique dress top that is casual yet able to be dressy because of the silky and fine material.
A baggy and chic dress top that is absolutely unique.

Just to add in I went into Rag & Bone before DIGS and the clothes were absolutely LOVELY but quite expensive.  Put it this way:  I would rather spend $300 on a bunch of different pieces than one top that IS adorable.  Just my take on things.  But anyway…Brandy Melville was the my next stop and one that was recommended as the new store that everyone is wearing.  It had a great hipster and street feel inside that you get when you mix Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters but slightly more inventive.

Here you can get basics like I did that are original in themselves even if they don’t seem to be at first.  Great store and I wish they had one where I’m from – maybe there is, I’ll have to check.  :)

Cute and quirky black cropped top.
Silky and flowing white top that I will never get tired of wearing.
Sleeveless jean jacket that I can't wait to wear this summer!

Soho is always bringing up and coming lines to the spotlight, so don’t miss out on the trends of now!



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