Look Who Got Tagged

I have been tagged by the wonderful AsTimeGoesBuy – http://astimegoesbuy.me – and she has asked me who is my favorite author and why.  Now let me say first and foremost that I have read many books and each of them has taught me something so it is very hard to ever pick a favorite book or author.  But, I’ve decided to make my decision and share with you why – and of course, tag you all! :)

Question: Who is your favorite author and Why? 

     Answer:   My favorite author (at the moment) is Cassandra Clare.  She has written the two fantasy series – The Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices.  I have never seen someone create a whole new world within our’s that has people that I can relate to and envision as I read as much as she has.  Clare has brought words to life in her books and I can’t explain further how much her writing speaks to me.

In the Mortal Instruments, she introduces us to Clary, a New York teen, who is faced with the fact that her whole life has been a mere cover up for what it really is – connected to the Shadowhunter World.  One where people blessed with the power of the Angels are given the responsiblity to keep the Downworlders (vampires, werewolves, faeries, etc.) in line.  This brings us to Jace, Alec, Isabelle, (all shadowhunters) and the rest of the characters that have brought this story to life in the past four books and the newest fifth coming out in May.

The Infernal Devices is the prequel to the Mortal Instruments.  Set two centuries before Clary’s world in 1800s London, England, Tessa Gray – an American – has been taken to the Institute in London and introduced to a whole life she has never understood and been tortured by, because of her lack of knowledge of her species.  The past two books have been my favorite so far.  Her creativity is unparalleled and I can only hope that she progresses in stride and continues to write fantastic books.

Now that I have finished having a love fest for Miss Clare, I would like to mention that Ally Carter is my dear second fave and that I will do a post about her soon because this question made me think of her too.  But just to restate – Cassandra Clare definitley takes the cake for my favorite.  Here is her webpage if you would like to share the appreciation or start it: http://cassandraclare.com/

So, after my long answer I will ask seven of you questions – tagging you – and letting you know that you have been tagged.  Hope I get a lot of responses – I would love to hear back!

1. As Time Goes Buy – Who is your favorite artist/musician, why, and which is your favorite song by them?

2. Chocolates and Raspberries – If you could pick any time era to go back in time to just for the fashion which would you choose and why?

3. Fashion & Style Guru – Who in fashion do you take most of your inspiration from and why?

4. The Confection Monsoon – What are your favorite places to shop at in England, in other words how do these stores sum up your style? And what are your favorite places in general to hang out at in England?

5. Alyssa Lapid – Can you describe your thought process when creating an outfit?

6. Lulu Jenx – Which of the healthy recipes that you have learned are your favorite and why?

7. J.J.’s Dolly Rockers – Which city’s street style has inspired yours and which aspects of that style do you love the most?


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