A Girl’s Best Friend

How many times have you gotten yourself in a sticky situation?  How many times have you just thought you had gotten yourself into one?  Well I must confess that problems, trials and tribulations do arise within my circle of friends. *GASP* I know – very hard to believe, but it is imperative that I inform you on the way deal with my friendships.  This is not a guide to friends but it is a insight into how I make sure that peace is the primary factor between me and my ‘soul sistas’.

The first thing I always make sure to be is: observant.  You know when someone is unhappy, moody, or just plain mad at something, someone, or a situation.  I like to either confront the attitude head on – or if I feel as though it was just a passing snap at me, then I’ll just let it go.  But if the act continues I normally ask the simple question: Are you mad at me?  or Are you okay?  Normally right after that, the problem is resolved; The person either tells me their dilemma and we are brought closer, or they brush it off and say of course not.  Once they say that, I continue on in my happy mood.  But…

If the problem continues to persist, I try to think of the things that I may have done because 80% of the time the person may still be holding onto feelings even though they say they aren’t.  At this point, if I find out what I did or may have done – or if I am in a situation where the wrongdoing is happening right then and there – I apologize for what I may have done and give an explanation.

     After that point I refuse to think about it anymore or be self conscience simply because I won’t.  I cannot afford to profusly apologize or continue on like a broken record when I know that I’ve done all I can do.  If they still have hard feelings I am more than okay with them talking to me about it, but I don’t like skirting around problems or situations.

The main idea of having friends, or people really close to you, is that you share things with them: you share hugs, secrets, fights, small arguements, and lovely memories.  It is always nice to keep the peace – even if it is only temporary – because you will always want those people by your side till the very end.



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