100 Thank You’s

Okay, so I don’t know how monumental this moment is for other people, but last time I checked – my name was not “other people”, so at this moment in time I would like to rejoice in the fact that I have reached 100 followers!!!  That is 100 people reading what I have to say, […]

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Rubber Made: Furla

I just thought I’d get your guys’ opinion on Furla’s new line of rubber bags.  These are a set of opaque purses but what is also very much hot and trendy is the see through collection.  I am fascinated by the neon colors and the fact that it is such a new and wild concept […]

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Confusion Also Killed the Cat

          Yesterday, while I was wandering all over my Dashboard and posts and what-not, I decided to look at the blogs I follow page which to my sudden urge to faint – only had five blogs listed.  Um, what? Five? There’s no possible way.  I then refreshed the page, signed out and […]

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One Lovely Blog Award

So once my latest post had been sitting pretty for a minimum of who knows how long, I was ecstatic to see that one the comments was about my nomination for this award and more specifically from a great fellow blogger – Czech the Flip. THE RULES: Link back to the blogger who nominated you. […]

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Rainy Days Like These

     Right now, looking outside my window, I can’t believe the storm that has taken control outside.  It  started out with just a forecast and suddenly as I’m leaving Ben and Jerry’s with a Rocky Road-ish (new test item) and a tiny cup of even tinier gummy bears – the lightning starts.  The dark […]

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Snow White’s True Grit

What do I think of when I see the name Snow White?  A cape.  A really bad cape.  Okay, now let’s be serious.  Snow White has never been one of my favorite Disney Princesses, but when I saw the trailer for this movie – I couldn’t have been more excited. Kristen Stewart surprisingly brings life to the […]

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