Rainy Days Like These

     Right now, looking outside my window, I can’t believe the storm that has taken control outside.  It  started out with just a forecast and suddenly as I’m leaving Ben and Jerry’s with a Rocky Road-ish (new test item) and a tiny cup of even tinier gummy bears – the lightning starts.  The dark and intimidating clouds roll in with threatening shapes.  I felt like I was in a Harry Potter film and the dementors were on the lookout for pedestrians.  Finally as I get home the wind picks up – just as I have to take out my two hyper golden retrievers.  It was something so surreal where the sky is a deathly shade and I feel as if I can be swept away by my surroundings.  

      Although danger looms, if this post is published and you, my dear reader, are reading it then I have obviously survived.  With this weather has brought my favorite type of day: one where I can listen to piano and orchestra laden songs like “Hymn for the Missing” from Red and some slow Coldplay.  I can also curl up with the newest book I am reading – Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson.  I feel the sleepy weather enveloping me and creating yet another day.  But wait –

     What beckons?  The sun that comes after a literally life threatening storm full of bright, thick, and close lightning.  A storm heavy with roaring thunder and catastrophic results.  But of course – not just minutes later – it looks like it might become sunny again.  At this point I truly do not know how this day will look further on and, honestly, I have learned to accept the personality disorder that the tropics possess.  I guess I’ll just have to ride out the storm that almost always turns into a shining sun.


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