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I’ve seen this look a lot and I truly want to be in love with it, but have my doubts to be honest.  I think it looks absolutely adorable and so unique but I think it’s one of those trends that everyone likes in theory.  Sort of how people fall in love with what they see on the runway, but the outfits are so not in touch with their environment.  But despite my feelings I looked online to see what they offer you to wear and you can dye it (duh, but it really damages it), get extensions (I don’t feel like gluing something into my head yet, though), and my winner: clip ins.  If I dare to try this new trend I would definitely get clips that are real hair – I know kind of expensive but I’ll scour – are try ’em out for a day.  My preference would be an ombre dip dye.  I’m a brunette, so I would find my shade and have it fade into a bleach blonde which I happen to like.  It’s still very creative but not as out there as purple peek-aboo over there.  So tell me what you think, hot or not? 


6 thoughts on “STYLE SOUNDOFF: Dip Dyed Hair

    1. If I do try it, I’ll get some fabulous looking clip ins – I don’t wanna rush into something with my hair haha but I do definitely wanna see how it would look. Would you?

      1. Would I do it? Or would I like to see what it looks like on you…hahaha. Yes and yes! Like legitimately…I would. Since I have black hair, I would maybe do like a deep royal blue and/or a metallic light blue. I think it’s sweet. Keep me posted on your decisions!!

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