I will probably not be able to write this week because of internet issues, lack of time, and whatnot, which leaves the Webby Wednesdays, STYLE SOUNDOFFS, and any feature pieces on hold until I return.  I’m going to continue to research and think up ideas, let the creativity stir, and get into the motions so […]

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The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Finds a New Song in Shakespeare

As I sat, watching the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony last night, I listened to the announcers’ comments with dim curiousity but soon enough – something sparked my attention.  The commentary mumblings filtered to inform me that the majority of the score was made from the inspiration of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”.  This made me […]

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STYLE SOUNDOFF: Mint Condition

I first saw this statement color back in spring, but it has thoroughly lasted the season and driven full force into the summer.  It is the simple elegance and perfect shade, which accentuates a wide variety of skin tones, that gives mint such an appeal to men and women designers.  I have a couple of mint pieces […]

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Calling Out All Fellow Writers!

     I’ve been thinking about my schedule lately and have decided to have two planned posts a week – My Webby Wednesdays on the obvious Wednesday and Style Sound-offs on Fridays.  I would like to do feature pieces in between those days with inspiration from whatever I find, and most importantly – your suggestions.  I […]

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