Webby Wednesday SHOUTOUT: LOL So True Posts

                                                                                                                                             LOL-SOTRUE.TUMBLR.COM      Have you ever done something and thought, “Wow, I must be the only one who does this…” and you continuously think about your normality meter and how it’s suddenly decreasing at an alarming rate?  Well, have no fear – we can all unite and share in our hilarious, humiliating, and/or silly moments together!  Whether it’s the action you committed yesterday or the thought that just popped into your head, you’d be surprised how many people do things just like you.  Aside from the simple fact of being able to relate enormously to this blog, please visit it because I have rarely laughed harder than I have at some of the posts there.  Especially at the ones that I never (ever, ever!) thought I would find someone else doing – let alone on the internet.  Even better, along with every absolutely true moment – you have a hysterical and way-too-perfect gif to go right underneath.  With special, funny moments in life dramatized for our pleasure, what more could you ask for?

Please don’t forget to visit and give a shout-out to who brought you there! http://lol-sotrue.tumblr.com/

**UPDATE: The new url for this website is http://lolthatsme.tumblr.com/  enjoy :)


3 thoughts on “Webby Wednesday SHOUTOUT: LOL So True Posts

  1. Maturity begins at the moment of discovery that one is not the center of the universe. What follows is the happy realization that one is not alone in experiencing the ever-changing and challenging human condition. Life is wonderful, isn’t it?

    Wonderful post.

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