When the Going Gets Tough

It may be hard to imagine, but responsibility is a hard concept to learn nowadays.  Not as many young people have to work as hard to become “famous” or well known in their work of interest considering the internet and TV as new platforms.  Ironically, people are becoming infamous faster than becoming famous.

Famous.  What’s the first thing you think of? Let me guess.  Flashing lights, glamourous red-carpets, possibly a prime-time interview in the most desirable magazine.  All of the aforementioned are exactly what I am not talking about.  Well, maybe except for the last one, but I am speaking of the high praise you receive and the notoriety that flows toward you once you have achieved success in your profession.  Be it a Doctor, an Artist (should starving come before that?), a Sales Representative, a Model, the Head Exec in Publishing, and so on.  These occupations are real and hardworking; so why do I see so many random people getting way too much attention?

Because they have resorted to using the least amount of effort and time to get 15 minutes of fame – hoping that only in the end, we will reward them with more time.  I’m not sure where the values are coming from nor am I prepared to find out.  But what I am certain of is that those who really have succeeded in what they do, have major experience in responsibility and work ethic.

Just recently, I watched a documentary about the Supermodels of yesteryear and you would be surprised to find out why they were and still are so successful.  The main point that I learned was that they were willing to do whatever it took to make their product come alive and profitable – but they still kept their respect and head held high.  This is not to say that people don’t make mistakes, because that is an impossible statement to make and a very untrue way to live.  It is in actuality to explain that those who stick around and maintain their business and continue to work – take it seriously; they have the drive and knowledge to pursue their wants and manage their working attitude.

I think almost every job could be taken accountable as a serious one (I emphasize almost).  But what I am definitely sure of, is that you cannot simply wish for things to happen – or take the easy route.  And if you have taken the simple road, I have a fervent message for you: the path ahead is much harder.  No matter how you look at the glass it will contain some amount of water, but how much there is and how rarely you spill its contents – is your choice.


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