STYLE SOUNDOFF: Sheer Brilliance

I can see this Marc Jacobs glowing in dim light and it makes me love sheer fabric even more.

Diverse.  That is the first word that comes to my mind when I see sheer pieces.  I find them to have the ability to add a pop of fun, a simple sense of sex appeal, and a whole lot of personality.  I feel as though these clothes are not meant to be too revealing or be seen as suggestive; but rather they are meant to play with the light and shadows to create a wearable work of art.  When I saw Marc Jacob’s latest sheer additions, it blew my mind to see how complicated the fabric seemed to be but was simply gorgeous on.  It brought life to a dress in a way I never thought possible.  So much thought gets put into how a piece of clothing should make you look.  It represents the feeling of happiness and how fashion can change the way people see and think.  Sheer clothing makes me focus on the inner beauty we’re willing to show along with the beautiful designs we choose to showcase.



5 thoughts on “STYLE SOUNDOFF: Sheer Brilliance

    1. I remember you telling me about that. It’s so interesting how connected people can be to SO many others and yet they never know it. I love that I can say that a lot of very important people have impacted my life. :)

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