STYLE SOUNDOFF: Sweater Weather

Months ago I wrote a Style Sound-off  article on Cartoon detailed clothes and it seems fitting to come back into writing with one.  Trying to find time to blog is tough and I know that my fellow writers know this so I appreciate you guys for sticking with me.  Anyway – what does one do when there is a glorious chilly breeze outside and said person wants a cute, comfy top?  Well my recommendation would be for a trendy sweater!  I know, I know.  This has been the talk of the town for months, but as Christmas is rolling around, we get to focus on winter break: gifts for others and all those free days for more and more new outfits. sweater weather 3 Sweaters can be chic whether they are vintage pick-ups or an expensive investment (which they are).  For example, I’ve got my own collection of cashmere hand-me-downs that keep me warm for days on end, but nothing beats the edgy feeling of wearing my grey, ripped BCBG Max Azria “splurge” piece.  There are also a wide variety of types depending on where your style falls – height of collar, tightness, color, stitching, fabric type, pattern – you name it.  Personally, I find that sweaters can be so versatile, what with pull-overs vs. cardigans or crewnecks vs. form-fitted – the list is endless.  I, a self-proclaimed “buyer of things thy doesn’t necessarily need but finds pretty”, knows the struggle in picking just one, but have no fear – style may evolve and adapt to the trending pattern, but sweater weather will never fade.  


8 thoughts on “STYLE SOUNDOFF: Sweater Weather

      1. Two sweaters in one week – been there done that, so I guess I should be on my way too. And thank you! It’s always nice to get feedback and hear what people think of my blog. x

  1. I like that you bring up vintage sweaters. It is the one piece of clothing that can have centimental value especially if was sweater from a family member or a boyfriend. I love some of my thin cashmeres that my mom gave me that still smell from her perfume. It is a light scent but I notice. :-)

    1. Thank you! I completely agree. I love wearing the sweaters that come from other people because I feel like it adds character to an outfit and when you wear it, it always means something. :)

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