Webby Wednesday SHOUTOUT: Carrie Bradshaw’s Go-to Confidence

So lately confidence concerning guys has not been in my cards.  And the thought that always comes up is: what could they possibly not see?  It’s not that we’re not good enough, and it’s not as if we aren’t the greatest catch, there’s just something.  And now, thanks to Miss Bradshaw and a tumblr-fied photo, I can gladly explain why we shouldn’t fret about certain guys and how to keep holding our heads up high:  We are complicated.

There are certain girls/women like Carrie Bradshaw, you, and I who are not the girls who just “get by” in what we do – we are edgy, passionate, hardworking, and can be, quite frankly, intimidating sometimes.  But this doesn’t mean that getting a guy is any easier for our suave selves – it actually makes it harder.  This is true because guys want simple girls.

Pete Wentz’s quote that rings true for female confidence.

They want someone tan, laid-back, happy-go lucky and worry free (this may follow up with average grades, a silly personality, etc. etc.).  Those girls tend to be the easy kind and in our society we have correlated easy with good, and complicated with bad.  This is the perfect way to screw up your confidence and start to think that you are not worth it but trust me, STOP in your tracks, and realize that you are just curly haired k-k-k-Katie from The Way We Were and you are the highly desired after apple at the top of the tree.  But it takes a special type of guy to has the heart to risk climbing all the way up to the top of the tree to find out that the complicated girls are definitely worth it.



6 thoughts on “Webby Wednesday SHOUTOUT: Carrie Bradshaw’s Go-to Confidence

  1. Being happy-go-lucky or worry free is not necessarily a bad thing; is it?
    I agree that you should stay somewhat picky and wait for the right guy like I did. I was still a virgin at age 20…
    At the same time “complicated” can become difficult and it is not the guys to blame.
    I think the secret to it all is to stay active: do the things you enjoy and most likely you will meet someone who has the same interest as you. Or you will meet someone simply because you are in a good mood from doing things that lift your spirit up.

    1. I think that is the perfect attitude: stay positive and just be yourself doing the things you love and the rest will follow. Thanks for stopping by Kukolina!

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