WW SHOUTOUT: Beachy Waves and Male Models

With chic thoughts in mind, I thought that I would abbreviate Webby Wednesday to WW which could be a stylish, high fashion brand or a new character on Pretty Little Liars – you would never know unless you decided to be a ambitious reader and go through my other posts (which you should ;) ). But aside from that monumental announcement, I would like to give a shout out to two things that I have been internet stalking with a passion:

#1. Beachy Waves


I mean, I can understand why I have a newfound fatal attraction for luxurious waves and toasty tans because I have moved to a beachfront condo, but that still doesn’t make it any healthier.

#2. Male Models

I know that it goes without saying that just because it comes in a pretty package doesn’t mean that the inner contents is valuable but why don’t we just stare until that becomes a mantra. At least that’s my philosophy. Here are my top 5 male models as of Spring:

5. Matthew Terry


4. Tomas Skoloudik


3. Ton Heukels


2. Arran Sly

1. Marlon Teixeira

Make sure to surf the internet as a true Spring Breaker. Sit back, relax, and check out those beachy waves and those crystal clear models.


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