Eye Catching Drama

One of the biggest inspirations of summer, besides the sunlit freedom and the countless opportunities to travel with a trunk full of couture, is the makeup that is highlighted by the longer days and the even later nights. All of these social occasions require you to put your game face on not only at the event but at the vanity. Don’t miss these dramatically hot summer makeup looks that are a sure fire way to heat up the season:

  • Marc Jacobs SPRING/SUMMER 2013 – Dark Shadow

     Darken those lids and highlight those windows to the soul. The model left her lips a little nude but you could always add some shimmer to this look. Also, don’t forget to highlight the contours of your face to really bring that summer glow!

  • Stella McCartney SPRING/SUMMER 2013 – Vibrant Eyeliner

     Another way to be the center of attention is to trace your eyes with a vibrant color that brings out their core color.  Add some light blush to your cheeks and a touch of pigment to your lips and your good to go!

  • Burberry SPRING/SUMMER 2013 – Red Lips

     Even on those sultry summer days when you have to grab your shades, the best way to make a statement is by making your lips pop with a vivid hue – whether it be a classic red or a modern fuchsia.

     Grab a friend to inspire you – like my artistic gem of a gal pal Julia – and watch out for the newest trends this summer while trying these out for size – out on the town and under the sun.


6 thoughts on “Eye Catching Drama

  1. Beautifully written.

    By the way, I knew Marc Jacobs’ parents, and new him as a little baby. He doesn’t know me. His mother was the sister of one of my fraternity brothers, and my first wife and I became their friends. I still see Marc’s uncle often. Unfortunately, he and Marc are estranged and have no contact.

    Interesting, huh?



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