Top 10 Things to do this Summer if You’re a Student!

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1. Use that Student I.D. and get a discount at a great museum or aquarium!  For a great, cultured day with your best friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

2.  If you have the opportunity to, attend a summer program for a course that you’re interested in taking! Bonus points for studying abroad. 

 3. If you love writing and haven’t already started a blog – start one! Chronicle
your adventures this summer and see if they check off everything on this list.

 4. If you’re a creative student try tie dying shirts or cutting ones you already own! Use craft store sales and discounts to your advantage because that summer budget may not cover all of your fashionable needs and something that you create on your own is way more memorable than any old retail piece. 

 5. Take a speciality class in whatever your heart desires! Cooking, dancing, and yoga classes are among the hot topics when school is out of the picture but if classes aren’t you’re thing or your budget is tight – there are plenty of books you can try to teach yourself some skills.  Plus YouTube is a great learning center too!

6. Summer can be a great time to learn an instrument that you’ve been dying to try.  I know that picked up guitar one summer in between two school years and I still play to this day! Instruments don’t have to be too expensive and again, if you don’t want to taken lessons or classes, self-help books and YouTube videos are great learning tools!

7. Do you have summer reading books to plow through with attached assignments? It’s summer time! So hit the beach, lake, or pool with those books in tow and tan while you flip those pages.

8. When you eventually take a break from working this summer hit the movies and try to see at least one film this summer! Summer blockbusters and their indie film counterparts can really brighten the eventual rainy day.

9. Take a day to just hit the couch and think! Plan out some summer goals while you’re watching the newest episode of Teen Wolf and stick to them; whether it’s to count calories and get fit or plan to find a summer job.  Relax and get focused before the Fall overwhelms you!

10. Volunteer your time! If you need service hours or just want to help those in need, definitely research for volunteering opportunities in your local area.  There are tons of places that could use a helping hand and you’ll feel like you added a bigger purpose to your summer!


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