STYLE SOUNDOFF: Schoolgirl Style Has Graduated

I guess the hottest stores to hit right now have learned a thing or two from the classroom setting that the teacher didn’t write on the board.

American Apparel’s recent racy “Back to School” ad took on the worst fears of every private school principal and prompted Great Britain to ban the ad from viewing.

But even with controversies like these, it’s hard to deny the style that accompanies wearing a piece of clothing meant for structural use and sticking it to the proverbial man with a sense of flair. It’s like saying, “A-ha! You can’t tell me how short to wear my skirt now!” as you walk down 5th Avenue with a shopping bag in one hand and a coffee in the other.  There is some kind of appeal to transforming a garment into a statement.

Talking cues from a less controversial standpoint, the “Tartan Takeover” so to speak has hit high fashion faster than that 1960s nun in your head can smack that ruler.  This collage on the right from a Lucky magazine’s contributor page features a Stella McCartney sweater fit to warm your heart (#4), a Fausto Puglisi skirt sure to make those religious jaws drop (#1), and some sky-high Louboutin’s that are sure to knock your socks off (#6).  No matter what it is that adds a little flair to your fall fashion-wear this season, make sure you keep an eye out for the newest trend that’s secretly been hottest for the longest.


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