WW SHOUTOUT: Lucky Blue Smith

Who better to shoutout on this glorious Webby Wednesday than one of the youngest and most beautiful triple threats to hit newsstands and mobile phones everywhere.  Lucky Blue Smith, 16, is a male model who earns his shoutout this week by hitting the three key m’s that revolutionarybeauty loves to focus on: modeling, music and media.

Smith, through his enigmatic stare and undeniable verve, has been able to capture the hearts of teen girls and fashion designers worldwide.  His innate ‘webbiness’ stems from his uniquely personal yet fashionably superior social media sites – Instagram, Twitter, you name it.  He uses these platforms meet his fans and network like any true surfer of the net.

Having just finished the most recent fashion week tour – New York, London, Milan, and Paris – you’d think that he would be dying for some time out of the limelight.  But you (and I) would be wrong.  Smith was recently interviewed on Ellen (above) and gave a brief but witty snippet on how his fame began and how he’s handling it.

As stated in the interview, Smith was introduced to the modeling world when he was scouted along with his equally talented and gorgeous sisters.  Together, aside from their modeling careers, they also form the retro surf-rock band, The Atomics; further garnering more attention for more than just their pretty faces.

It takes a true Millennial, like Smith, to take the mediums of social media by storm and rock the foundation of fashion at its core.  Originally models were more often than not anonymous figures – exclusive to the glossy pages of high fashion magazines.  Now male models like Smith are taking their style to the 140 character realm of interaction and getting closer to the public than ever before.

It is not yet known whether Smith’s future will rely on his irrefutable charm, sheer talent, or down to earth attitude.  But what we can be sure of is that he’s not playing by any rule book or just getting lucky in the process.

Lucky’s instagram: luckybsmith

Lucky’s Twitter: @luckybsmith


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