Music Monday #1

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  • 1. “The Sound” – The 1975 
    • Featured in the new Volkswagen commercial, this track from this alternative rock band has a sound all its own. Its catchy beat and progressive introduction proves to be just the stepping stone for the song’s upbeat sound.
  • 2. “Back 2 U (Remix) [feat. Sisters]” – SOL
    • I have one word: funky. Whether you focus on the SOL’s lyrics or the 70s vibe going on, once the song hits the chorus (which samples Kanye West’s “Stronger”) and the beat drops, you’ll be hooked.
  • 3. “Play Bad (feat. Poupie)” – Ruca
    • Opening with a 60s guitar riff, this single from Ruca features strong vocals and a beat to match.
  • 4. “Liquid Love” – David Sanya & EhCee
    • Using ocean sounds and a deep synth, this song slowly but surely evolves into a deep house track that’s easy to vibe to.
  • 5. “Summer Nights” – Tiësto
    • Featuring the smooth voice of John Legend, “Summer Nights” is a dance track with all the classic elements that Tiësto brings to his songs.
  • 6. “Breathe” – Seeb
    • “Breathe” opens with a falsetto voice and a classic guitar riff strummed in time with a slowly developing house beat that builds until the beat drops and the song’s true potential blooms. This is definitely my favorite from the playlist.
  • 7. “Hey Ya” – Sweater Beats
    • Sweater Beats takes a new, slowed down spin on Outkast’s “Hey Ya” with more emphasis on the vocals. It quickly becomes a house track but you’ll feel nostalgic in no time.
  • 8. “I Met This Dude at Coachella (feat. Rykeyz)” – Brezy
    • An underground track, “I Met This Dude at Coachella” has an easy, breezy Southern California feel with the classic EDM female vocal that is as catchy as it is cliche.
  • 9. “Way Back Home (TastyTreat Remix)” – Mako
    • A slow burner, “Way Back Home (TastyTreat Remix)” has a tortured, soulful sound to it. It progressively builds into a bigger house track with a drop that is masterfully created.
  • 10. “44 Bars” – Logic
    • Logic’s “44 Bars” off his new mixtape Bobby Tarantino delivers on all fronts. His lyrics are solid and the beat is even better, sampling Barrington Levy’s “The Vibes is Right” intertwined with a classic rap sound.



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