#mancrushmonday: The Dreamy Male Cast of The Nightmarish Riot Club

Adapted from the 2010 play Posh, The Riot Club takes spoiled rotten to a whole new level.  The 2014 British drama/thriller is centered on the controversial and downright devious actions of a group of ultra privileged male Oxford student who are descendents of prodigal figures in British society with reputations that pave future careers. Aside from the […]

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The 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Finds a New Song in Shakespeare

As I sat, watching the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony last night, I listened to the announcers’ comments with dim curiousity but soon enough – something sparked my attention.  The commentary mumblings filtered to inform me that the majority of the score was made from the inspiration of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”.  This made me […]

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To Re-read or Not to Re-read

I’ve somehow stumbled into the lovely comfort of summer where I’m slowly but surely get my work done but in between the taxing hours I find myself doing the many hobbies I love.  One of the most prominent being: reading.  Among the long ago written posts was one asking me about my favorite author – […]

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Snow White’s True Grit

What do I think of when I see the name Snow White?  A cape.  A really bad cape.  Okay, now let’s be serious.  Snow White has never been one of my favorite Disney Princesses, but when I saw the trailer for this movie – I couldn’t have been more excited. Kristen Stewart surprisingly brings life to the […]

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NYC’s How To Succeed

           Last night I saw the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and I just have to say how wonderful it was.  The dance numbers were so elaborate and fantastic.  The costumes and sets were very real and truly memorable.  The actors throughout the show really fit their […]

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