Generation Sensation: New Year, New Name

If you came to this site thinking it was, you are not wrong, but you are in for a new experience. Just as I believe people grow, I believe their interests and identity changes along with them. It is not to say that I have outgrown, but I have outgrown the limited thematic […]


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When the Going Gets Tough

It may be hard to imagine, but responsibility is a hard concept to learn nowadays.  Not as many young people have to work as hard to become “famous” or well known in their work of interest considering the internet and TV as new platforms.  Ironically, people are becoming infamous faster than becoming famous. Famous.  What’s […]

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I will probably not be able to write this week because of internet issues, lack of time, and whatnot, which leaves the Webby Wednesdays, STYLE SOUNDOFFS, and any feature pieces on hold until I return.  I’m going to continue to research and think up ideas, let the creativity stir, and get into the motions so […]

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To Re-read or Not to Re-read

I’ve somehow stumbled into the lovely comfort of summer where I’m slowly but surely get my work done but in between the taxing hours I find myself doing the many hobbies I love.  One of the most prominent being: reading.  Among the long ago written posts was one asking me about my favorite author – […]

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