Introducing Music Mondays

I am not “interested” in music. I am not merely impressed by its transcendent and universal quality. Music is not just something I use to pass the time, it is something that defines a part of my character. From a young age, guitar strums, the melodies of a piano, and synth laden bass beats have […]

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WW SHOUTOUT: Lucky Blue Smith

Who better to shoutout on this glorious Webby Wednesday than one of the youngest and most beautiful triple threats to hit newsstands and mobile phones everywhere.  Lucky Blue Smith, 16, is a male model who earns his shoutout this week by hitting the three key m’s that revolutionarybeauty loves to focus on: modeling, music and media. Smith, […]

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One Lovely Blog Award

So once my latest post had been sitting pretty for a minimum of who knows how long, I was ecstatic to see that one the comments was about my nomination for this award and more specifically from a great fellow blogger – Czech the Flip. THE RULES: Link back to the blogger who nominated you. […]

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