Generation Sensation: New Year, New Name

If you came to this site thinking it was, you are not wrong, but you are in for a new experience. Just as I believe people grow, I believe their interests and identity changes along with them. It is not to say that I have outgrown, but I have outgrown the limited thematic […]


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#mancrushmonday: The Dreamy Male Cast of The Nightmarish Riot Club

Adapted from the 2010 play Posh, The Riot Club takes spoiled rotten to a whole new level.  The 2014 British drama/thriller is centered on the controversial and downright devious actions of a group of ultra privileged male Oxford student who are descendents of prodigal figures in British society with reputations that pave future careers. Aside from the […]

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Titanic Sets Sail Again

So you’ve probably heard that Titanic is coming back into theaters in 2D and remastered for 3D, if not well – now you know.  At first, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical – but seeing the raving reviews on how amazing it was and how the 3D just brought the movie to […]

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