WW SHOUTOUT: Lucky Blue Smith

Who better to shoutout on this glorious Webby Wednesday than one of the youngest and most beautiful triple threats to hit newsstands and mobile phones everywhere.  Lucky Blue Smith, 16, is a male model who earns his shoutout this week by hitting the three key m’s that revolutionarybeauty loves to focus on: modeling, music and media. Smith, […]

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#mancrushmonday: The Dreamy Male Cast of The Nightmarish Riot Club

Adapted from the 2010 play Posh, The Riot Club takes spoiled rotten to a whole new level.  The 2014 British drama/thriller is centered on the controversial and downright devious actions of a group of ultra privileged male Oxford student who are descendents of prodigal figures in British society with reputations that pave future careers. Aside from the […]

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When the Going Gets Tough

It may be hard to imagine, but responsibility is a hard concept to learn nowadays.  Not as many young people have to work as hard to become “famous” or well known in their work of interest considering the internet and TV as new platforms.  Ironically, people are becoming infamous faster than becoming famous. Famous.  What’s […]

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First of Many

Wow, so since this is my first post, I believe I should introduce myself and tell you what’s up.  I’m Veronica and I plan to be a journalist.  This blog is a gateway to see art and life through my eyes – and ultimately analyze the human condition.  My posts will consist of pictures, videos, […]

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